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To El Dorado's beloved J. F. Hughes, who during his years of Superintendent 
of the El Dorado School system has won the friendship and respect of students and 
teachers alike, the Grizzly Growl Staff of 1950 respectfully dedicates this yearbook. 

Concerning his years of teaching, Mr. Hughes says, "I have enjoyed the years in 
school work. The life of a school man should be significant in the things which make 
life good. There is challenge on every hand for service where service is worthwhile. 

"The school man's associations with boys and girls, with youth, with teachers 
and school patrons, is inspiring, happy, and as nearly altogether satisfactory as can be 

"Yes, teaching is a good life, and my only regret on leaving it is that I have 
not met more successfully the challenge it brings." 


In the circle, Dean Max Bickford looks up with a friend- 
ly smile. 

At right center, Richard Spann, Dorothy Fisher, Marie 
Lafferty, and Amy Laybourn try to look busy as they pass 
time in the office. 

In the lower picture, Robert Douglass, R. W. Christy, 
and Lee Casida proudly discuss Juco's newest basketball 

According to a composite statement of sentiment expressed by El Dorado Junior College in- 
structors, "Continued co-operation between the faculty and the student body is necessary if El Dorado 
Junior College continues to be a success." 

These informal poses prove that teachers are no longer the ultra-dignified, unapproachable 
beings that they were once held to be. Juco teachers are pictured here in light and serious moods; 
at all times they are the friends of Juco students. 

At top left, Luke B. Headrick, James F. Edwards, 
Charles Fuller, Victor Porter Smith, and W. M. Grove 
take time out for a friendly chat between classes. 

At upper right, Louise M. Cannon, S. H. Coffman, 
Myrrl Houck, and Carl Zerger look serious about the 
grave international situation. 

At lower right, Ethyl Lange points out an important 
notice on the bulletin board to L. W. Nixon, Gladys 
Beuchat, and Helen Bradford. 

In the left corner, E. E. Snyder and R. W. Walling- 
ford seem to be discussing the latest good jokes they've 
heard from their students. 


■FT* sissm 





In the words of Paul Bartholow. 
president, the objectives of the soph- 
omores are "to complete successfully 
their own course at Juco and to help 
freshmen become acquainted in 




Left to right: Don Love (vice-president) , Peggy 
Johnson (secretary-treasurer), and Paul Bartholow 

Top row, left to light: 

Dale W. Anderson — Pre-medical; Band 
'49-50, Science Club '49-50, Student 
Council '50, Order of the Purple. 

Paul Bartholow — Pre-medical ; Football 
'48, Band '49-50, Science Club '49-50, 
Varsity Club '49-50, Student Council 
'50, Order of the Purple. 

Tharon Bauman — Industrial Arts; Football 
'48-49, Track captain '49, Varsity 
Club secretary and treasurer '50. 

Bottom row, left to right : 

Dwain Rhudy Brown — Business Course. 

Emmett Brunson — Pre-Engineering. 

Aubrey Gene Cloud — Industrial Chemical 
Engineering; Science Club '49-50, In- 
tramural basketball '49. 

Top row, left to light: 

Jerry Counter — Pre-Engfneering. 

John Cousland — Pie-Engineering; Football '48-49. Varsity Club '49-50, Annual 
Staff '49, Student President '50. 

Thomas Christy Doughty — Pre-Engineering; Student Council Vice President '. r >0. 

Roger Williams Ewing, Jr. — Social Science. 



r . u 


Bottom row, left to right: 

Mary Kathreen Grove — Home Economics; Pep Club '49-50, Y. W. C. A. '49, Rand 

Peggy Johnson — Home Economics; Baud '49-50, Student Council secretary '49, 
Class officer '50, Chorus '50, Cheerleader '50, Journalism '50, Annual Staff 
editor '50, Pep Club '49. 

Dick Lee — Physical Education; Football '49, Varsity Club '49-50. 

Joe Lill — Industrial Arts. 

Top row, left to right: 

Carol Lininger — Liberal Arts; Pi Delta Theta '49, Annual Staff '49, Journalism 
Staff '49, Cheerleader '49, Pep Club '49-50, Annual Queen '50. 

Jim Lininger — Physical Education; Football '48-49, Basketball '49-50, Track '49, 
Varsity Club vice president '49-50, Student Council '50, Annual King '50. 

Don Love — Liberal Arts; Football '48-49, Track '49-50, Student Council '50, Varsity 
Club '49-50, Annual Staff, '50. 

Naomi McPrerson — Business Administration; Y. W. C. A. '49, Pep Club '49-50. 

Bottom row, left to right: 

Lyle Gene Middleton — Pre-Fngineoring; Quartet '49, Basketball '49-50, Order of 
the Purple. 

Bob Pringie — Pie-Law; Intramual basketball '49. 

Jerry Lee Reiserer — Physical Education; Football '49, Basketball '50, Track '49, 
Varsity Club '50. 

Jimmy Reiserer — Geology; Varsity Club '49-50, Track '49-50. 

Top row, left to right: 

Paul R. Roberts — Liberal Arts; Science Club '49-50. 

George B. Schoneberg — Biological Science; Band '49-50, Annual Staff '50, Science 
Club '49-50, Order of the Purple. 

James J. Tighe — Commecial; Science Club '49-50. 

Joseph Lyle Townsend — Liberal' Arts; Quartet '49, Intramural basketball '50. 

Bottom low, left to right: 

Helen Unr'uh — Education; Pi Delta Theta '50, Delta Psi Omega '50, Cheerleader '50, 
Pep Club '50. 

Marv Walton — Social Service; Annual Staff '49, Journalism Club '49, Pi Delta Theta 
'49, Y. W. C. A. '49, Chorus '50, Older of the Purple. 

James A. Wilson — Pre-Engineering. 

Bill Wynn — Geology. 

The 1950 members of "Order of the Purple," an honorary society based on 
scholarship, service, leadership, and character, are Dale Anderson, Paul Bartholow, 
Gene Middleton, George Schoneberg-, and Mary Jane Walton. For their well-rounded 
performance at Juco, these students merit the commendation of students and faculty 




Left to right: Lela Eggen (secretary-treasurer), 
Charles LeNormand (president), and Wayne In- 
galls (vice-president). 

Byron Adkison 
Patricia Bare 

Alza Lee Barkley 

June Beeman 

Bruce Bell 

George Berry 

As stated by President Charles 
LeNormand, the objectives of the 
freshmen are "to promote school 
spirit and welfare and to voice and 
further such activities and attitudes 
as are beneficial to the Freshman 

Sue Binter 

Arthur Boileau 
Russell Brooks 


Maryanna Burger 

William Butterworth 
Robert Chalfant 

Leann Chapman 

Anna Margaret Clark- 
Mary Cooper 

Warren Coutts 
Dorothy Cuno 

Mary Jo Dannenfelser 

William Day 
Donald Demo 
Jerry Demo 

Caroline Dixon 
Eugene Dorland 
Lela Eggen 

ip ■ ■ 

r i/ \ 


William Foster 

Donna Funk 

Carolyn Godfrey 

Lloyd Greenwell 
Richard Harms 

Mary Ann Harrington 

Robert Harsh 

Raymond Harvey 
Tholan Haynes 

James Hays 
Carol Heap 

Carroll Heide 

Merle Heitman 

Iris Henman 

Reece Hess 


Le Roy Hildreth 
Gerry Hoberecht 
Edgar Hodges 

Bill Hollis 

Jennie Holtsclaw 

Wayne Ingalls 

Orval Jackson 

William Janney 

Marv Elizabeth Jordan 

Alfred Kilgore 
Keith King 

Theo Jean Knaussman 

Howard Knox 

Merle Krehbiel 

Verle Krehbiel 

William Kruse 
James Lappan 
Billy Ray Lee 

Charles LeNormand 
Wayne Lewis 
Tom Locke 

Dean Lovern 

Leo McCulloch 

Calvin McMillan 

Robert Mairs 
Eugene Marts 
Leslie Mason 

David Matheny 
Patricia Moore 
Veda Moore 


Jack Morrow 

Joyce Thomason Murray 
Billy Needham 

Douglas Nixon 
Armand Norris 
Carl Parsons 

Marjorie Parsons 
Richard Persons 
DeWayne Powell 

Orletha Rey 

Warren Richey 

Robert Robertson 

Marjorie Ruckert 
Betty Jane Saft 
Bonnie Sattler 


E. W. Sellers 

Max Smith 

John Sontag 

Mary Beth Spinden 

Marilyn Stackley 
Victor Stephens 
Robert Stromatt 
Patricia Thomas 

Clifford Thompson 

Margaret Thompson 
Wanda Sue Trent 
Gilbert Trevino 

Joseph Unger 
Harry Unruh 
Iris Walker 

Joanne Walter 

Arnold Weber 

Robert Webster 

Howard Wilson 

Carroll Zerger 


Dean Max Bickford has said, "In perusing 
the annual it would be possible to get the idea 
that Juco is 'all work and no play.' This is not 
true. El Dorado Junior College is constantly on 
the alert to raise academic standards and make 
classwork more practical." Shown here are 
Juco students at work. 

In the picture at upper left, Mr. Nixon's 
speech class listens as Marjorie Ruckert takes 
her speaking turn. 

At left center, Juco students work on next 
day's assignments. 

In the circle, Mr. Christy explains a display 
to his Distributive Education class. 

At lower left, Mr. Douglass instructs his 
woodwork class in the use of a power saw. 

In the picture at lower right, Mr. Coffman's 
chemistry class works out an experiment. 




■it h 

HO i 

jnF $•% 


Grab your bearskin coats, derbies, and pennants and let's amble out to the grid- 
iron where the "Grizzlies" are racking up another victory. 

Ah, yes, 'tis the time of year when that good old American sport of FOOTBALL 
reigns supreme, and this year finds E.J. C. emerging from another successful season. 
Although we finished third in the conference, we lost only three games, two of which, 
as luck would have it, were to conference foes. 

The Grizzlies started the gridiron season off slowly with a 24-24 tie with the 
All-Stars, a team composed of former E. J. C. players. Two weeks later they came back 
with a thumping 29-0 victory over Emporia "B," avenging last year's defeat. Ark 
City was the next victim of the Grizzly attack to the tune of 13-7. The next week, 
though, our hard-fighting team went down to a 21-12 defeat at the hands of the Chanute 
Ravens, but quickly rebounded by subduing Pratt 16-7 and rolling to a hard-fought 
13-12 decision over Independence. When the fellows went "West" to Dodge City, they 
found that the "Law of Averages" had finally caught up with them, and they emerged 
battered but unbroken, on the short end of a 21-6 count. The clash at Hutchinson found 
the Grizzlies outplaying the Dragons until the fourth quarter, when the Dragons' long- 
line of reserves proved to be too much, grinding out a 26-7 victory. But the team show- 
ed that it wasn't down and out by routing Garden City the next week end by a lop-sided 
score of 65-13, to end the 1949-1950 football season. 

Coach Bob Douglass proved once again that he is an extremely capable master 
of the gridiron, and in doing so was ably assisted by Assistant Coach Lee Casida. Al- 
though he did not have a large squad this year, Coach Douglass rounded the boys into 
an outstanding ball club that died very hard indeed. For the first time since the war, 
veterans were noticeably few this year. 

Although we are losing a lot of the team this year, Gruffy T. is confident that 
E. J. C. will have a still more successful season in 1950-1951. 




Date Opponents We They 

16 Sept. All-Stars 24 24 

30 Sept. Emporia "B" 29 

7 Oct. Arkansas City 13 7 

14 Oct. Chanute 12 21 

21 Oct. Pratt 16 7 

28 Oct. Independence 13 12 

5 Nov. Dodge City 6 20 

11 Nov. Hutchinson 7 26 

18 Nov. Garden City 65 13 

Total 161 106 


E. J. C. Opponents 

Times Ball Carried 415 340 

Net Yards Gained 

Rushing' 1863 1056 

Yards Average per Game 233 132 

Yards Average per Play 4.5 3.1 

Passes Attempted 103 118 

Passes Completed 40 38 

Passes Intercepted (by) 14 16 
Yards Gained from 

Passes 566 591 

Yards average per Game 70.75 73.87 

Yards Average per Play 14.8 15.5 

Total Offensive Yardage 2429 1647 

Total Yardage per Game 303.6 205.8 

Times Kicked 25 46 

Yards Gained from Kicks 815 1314 

Yards Average per Kick 32.6 28.5 

Times Penalized 39 29 

Total Yards Penalized 295 235 

Times Fumbled 29 16 

Opponents' Fumbles 

Recovered 13 20 

Touchdowns Scored 24 16 

Extra Points Scored 14 10 

Field Goals Scored 1 

Total Points Scored 161 106 





"I was there, and I thought our nominee, Connie God- 
frey, was the prettiest Wheat Bowl Queen candidate," said 
Jack Baker, 1949-50 president of the Varsity Club. The 
students of El Dorado Juco were proud to be represented by 
Connie at the festivities held in connection with the Wheat- 
bowl Game at Wichita, November 26. 




"She was such a wonderful Queen that I made her my 
Queen for life," said Harold Bay, football captain for 1949, 
speaking of Patricia Breckenridge, 1949 Homecoming Queen. 
"Queen Pat" was crowned with appropriate ceremony at the 
Garden City game, the night of No\ ember 18. 


In front, left to right: Bill Foster, Harold White. Seated, first row: Boh Garcia, Gene Middleton, 
Tom Datin, Jim Lininger, Reece Hess, Evert Davis, Cliff Thompson. Standing: Coach Lee Casida, 
Duane Vanhaverheke, Ferrell Starner, Gene Dorland, Ray Harvey, Bob Harsh, Bill Lee, Jim Brown, 
Duane Graham, check boy. 


When Gruffy T. put away his basketball togs for the season of 1949-50, he com- 
pleted one of the most successful years the college has enjoyed. Under the direction of 
Coach Lee Casida, Gruffy's new ball bouncers and three returning letter men won 15 
games and lost 10. Unfortunately, most of the losses occurred in the Western Division 
and were decided by the closest of margins. With two exceptions, all of the losses were 
by less than five points. The regular season ended, Gruffy entered his team in the 
State A. A. U. Tournament at Wichita and promptly won the honor of being named 
the best college team in the tournament. 

For their services to the team, Bob Garcia and Jim Lininger were elected co- 
captains for the year. On the next page are the scores for the season. 




-1 m ^ & 


E] Dorado 47 

Ft. Scott 





















Arkansas City 









Garden City 



Dodge City 






Dodge City 



Garden City 









Arkansas City 















Arkansas City 











Seated, left to right: Bill Day, Edgar Hodges, Alfred Kilgore, Max Smith, 
ing: Calvin McMillan, Jerry Counter. 

Townsend. Stand- 


In the words of Mr. Carl Zerger, sponsor, the purpose of intramurals is "to 
permit active participation in athletics to those boys whose skill is insufficient, or whose 
inclinations are such, as to prevent their inclusion on the varsity team." The Intra- 
mural league games this year have been played under a single round robin schedule 
and in a single elimination tournament. 

Seated, first row, left to right: Ronald Ball, Louis Alfaro. Second row: Floyd Brentlinger, Bill 
Marrs, Bill Kruse, Ozzie Hildreth, Dewey Powell. Standing: Carl Zerger (sponsor), Bud Coutts. 



One of the most promising' track teams that the Grizzlies have boasted for many 
years will be pounding the cinders regularly this season. Their first contest will be a 
triangular meet with Ark City and Friends. This meet is scheduled to be held at El 
Dorado, April 11. The remainder of the schedule, as this yearbook goes to press, is as 

April 14 Invitational Meet at Hutchinson. 

April 20 Hutchinson, St. John's, Wichita U. Freshmen, at El Dorado. 

April 22 K. U. Relays, at Lawrence. 

April 29 Baker Relays, at Baldwin. 

May 6 State Junior College Meet, at El Dorado. 

El Juco's ranking in the state track meet last year was sixth; and track Coach 
Lee Casida has high hopes of placing among the top three this season. 


ft G 



The golf team plans to play two matches with the Arkansas City team — one 
here on April 10, and another there on April 25. The team will also play in the in- 
vitational meet at Hutchinson, April 14. As this story goes to press, plans for other 
matches are not complete. 

The 1950 tennis team will play in an invitational meet at Hutchinson on April 
14, and in other matches not yet definitely arranged as this copy goes to press. Last 
year's team won from Hutchinson in the state quarter finals, and lost to Dodge City 
in the semi-finals; this year's team hopes to better that record. 


Left to right: Mr. Spann (sponsor), Tom 
Locke, Jack McCormick, Calvin McMillan, 
Bob Mairs, Bill Foster, Bill Hollis, Don 

Left to right: Bill Lee, Bud Coutts, Mr. 
Spann (sponsor), E. W. Sellers, Charles 
LeNormand. In front: Wayne Lewis. 



According- to John Cousland, president, the objectives of the Student Council are 
"to help create good school spirit and to promote student co-operation." This year's 
Student Council sponsored several parties and a pep rally, revised the Student Coun- 
cil constitution, held a Senior Day for Butler County high school students, arranged 
to have a trophy case built, and sponsored a Booster Trip. 

Standing: John Cousland, president. First row, left to right: George Berry, Dale Anderson, David 
Matheny, Tom Doughty. Second row: Don Love, Barbara Sargent, Tholan Haynes, Jim Lininger.. 
Back row: Dean Bickford. Pat Thomas. Mel Fritzler. 


PI Delta Theta 

Standing, back row, left to right: Merle Krehbiel, Carroll Heide, Verle Krehbiel, Russell Brooks. 
Kneeling: Wayne Lewis, Bob Mairs, Bill Foster, David Matheny, Dorothy Cuno, Donna Funk, Mary 
Beth Spinden. Sitting, front row: Maryanna Burger, Helen Unruh, Iris Henrnan, Anna Margaret 
Clark, Betty Jane Saft, Barbara Sargent, Sue Hartnett, Wayne Ingalls, Bill Hollis, DeWayne Powell, 
Jerry Demo. Standing, front: Mi-. L. W. Nixon, sponsor. 

In the words of Dewey Powell, president, the purposes of Pi Delta Theta are "to 
provide plays for entertainment and growth, to provide equipment for the stage, and 
to provide opportunity for dramatic interest to grow." This year's activities consisted 
of presenting the fall play, sponsoring several one-act plays, and aiding in the spring 
Speech Festival. 

"The Late Christopher Bean 

f f 

Pictured from left to right are the members of the cast: Warren Creamer (Wayne Lewis), Susan 
Haggett (Iris Henrnan), Abby (Mary Beth Spinden), Mr. Tallant (Robert Webster), Mr. Rosen 
(Jerry Demo), Dr. Haggett (David Matheny), Mr. Davenport (William Foster), Mrs. Haggett (Helen 
Unruh), and Ada Haggett (Betty Jane Saft). 



Standing in front at left, Coach Bob Douglas; standing in front at right, Coach Lee Casida. 

First row, seated left to right: Ingalls, Stackley, LeNormand, Cousland, Youngblood, Bauman (secretary-treasurer), 

Second row, seated: Bay, Thomas, Dorland, Parsons, Marrs, Hildreth, Sontag, Jim Reiserer. 

Standing: Love, Powell, Baker (president), Rhodes, Harvey, Trevino, Butterworth, Lininger (vice president), Sellers, Mollis, Graham, 

Jerry Reiserer, Thompson, Day, Kruse, Fritzler, Snider, Slabodnik, Garcia. 
Not pictured: Bonnell, Datin, Davis, Hess, Dick Lee, McGinnis, Middleton, Starner, Vanhaverbeke. 


According to Jack Baker, president, the aims of the Varsity Club 
are "to better organize Junior College athletics and to furnish 
the type of athletics that the student body will be proud of 
and ready to back." This year's activities included 
sponsoring the Den, establishing an athletic 
library, and sponsoring an all-star football 
game, an all-star basketball game, and a 
Varsity Club-Faculty basketball game. 

To quote President Iris 
Henman, "The purpose of the Pep 
Club is to keep alive the school spirit by generating 
enthusiam at all athletic contests and by giving school service 
whenever needed." During the year, the Gold Diggers decorated the halls 
at Christmas, assisted at the crowning of the football queen, served as ushers 
at the school play, decorated the athletic field during the football season, pre- 
sented an assembly program, bought "Gruffy T." a new sweater, initiated 
the singing of the school song at assembly, and held a line party and a travel- 
ing canasta party. 






/ T 






to e * 




This peppy cheering sextet 
contributed much to an im- 
proved school spirit at Juco 
this year. 

Front row, left to right: 
Helen Unruh, Mary Beth 
Spinden, Iris Henman, 
Peggy Johnson, Wanda 

Second row: Mary Ann Har- 
rington, Carol Heap, Mari- 
lyn StacUey, Dtonna Funk, 
Sue Binter, Connie God- 

Third row: Leann Chapman, 
Marjorie Ruckert, Mary 
Grove, Maryanna Burger, 
Joyce Thomason Murray, 
Mary Jo Dannenfelser. 

Fourth row: Orletha Rey, 
Merle Heitman, 
Sattler, Suzanne Hart- 
nett, Barbara Sargent, 
Dorothy Cuno, Pat 

Fifth row: Alza Lee Bark- 
ley, Betty Jane Saft, Mar- 
jorie Parsons, Theo Jean 
KnauBsman, Naomi Mc- 
Pherson. Miss Fisher, 
Sponsor, at the rear. 

Not pictured: Mary Beth 
Jordan, Pat Breckinridge, 
Anna Clark, Margaret 
Thompson, Pat Moore. 


W: ' 



The debate squad participated in 
six tournaments and took many top 

Seated, left to right: Bud Coutts, 
Bob Mairs, Mr. Zerger (coach), Jim 
Hays, David Matheny, Jerry Demo. 
Standing: Mr. Nixon (coach), Calvin 


The band furnished peppy music for the football and basketball games. First row, left to right: 
Mary Grove, clarinet; Paul Bartholow, clarinet; Pat Bare, clarinet; Carol Heap, clarinet; Harold 
Tieking, trumpet; Dale Anderson, trumpet; Bob Webster, trumpet. Second row: Mary Ann Harring- 
ton, clarinet; Mary Jo Dannenfelser, clarinet; Marilyn Stackley, clarinet; George Schonebei'g, sou- 
saphone; David Matheny, baritone; Jerry Demo, baritone; Bill Hollis, bass drum; Bob Denny, saxo- 
phone; Ralph W. Wallingford, director; Gene Dorland, trumpet; Theo Jean Knaussman, trumpet. 


The chorus presented numbers for several' assembly programs. First row, left to right: Merle 
Heitman, Mary Jane Walton, Marilyn Stackley, Marjorie Ruckert, Leann Chapman, Carol Heap, 
Iris Henman, Iris Walker, Wanda Trent. Second row: Dorothy Cuno, Pat Thomas, Mary Grove, Don- 
na Funk, Mary Beth Spinden, Sue Binter, Pat Moore, Margaret Thompson. Third row: Dean Stack- 
ley, Russell Brooks, Wayne Lewis, Bob Webster, Calvin McMillan, Dean Lovern, Bob Harsh, Merle 
Krehbiel, Verle Krehbiel, Edgar Hodges, and Gene Dorland. 


Science Club 

Standing, left to right: Paul Roberts, Bruce Bell, Bob Stromatt. Seated in background: Aubrey 
Cloud, George Schoneberg, Mr. S. H. Coffman (sponsor), Keith King. Not pictured: Paul Bartho- 
low, Dale Anderson, Arthur Boileau, Richard Mattix, Gene Middleton. 

The objective of the Science Club, 
according to President Paul Bartho- 
low, are "to provide an organization 
of those interested in science, to 
promote interest in science in Juco, 
and to carry out individual and 
group projects." This year's ac- 
tivities included holding regular 
evening meetings, putting on an as- 
sembly program, and working out in- 
dividual projects. 


Each year student nurses in train- 
ing at the Susan B. Allen Memorial 
Hospital enroll for several first-se- 
mester courses at the El Dorado Jun- 
ior College. Here the 1949-50 class 
is pictured in the chemistry labora- 

Front row, left to right: Betty Cantrell, Dorothy Deitrich, 
Ruth Cornwell, Esther Nelson, Beverly Church. Second 
row: Elveta Garcia, Bonnie Lou Bailey, Mildred Siader, 
Barbara Cameron. 


His Highness 

"I may be King, but I certainly don't get much of the 
Queen's attention nowadays ; Princess Tonya gets most of 
it," grumbled Jim Lininger, Annual King. Whatever his 
status at home may be, King - Jim has received the enthusias- 
tic homage of his loyal subjects, the students of El Dorado 


Her Highness 

"I make him think he's King - of our home," says Carol 
Lininger, Annual Queen, of her handsome husband, "but I'm 
afraid Tonya, our baby, doesn't always obey the King's com- 
mands." In the opinion of her fellow students, Carol is truly 
a Queen, ruling as graciously in her court a1 Juco as in her 
own home. 



In the words of Peggy Johnson, editor of 
the year book, "The project of the Annual Staff 
is to put out a book with a collection of mem- 
ories of the Juco year." The staff's activities 
during the year included selling sandwiches in 
the Den and candy bars at the games, holding a 
Thanksgiving formal dance, and giving a Val- 
entine party. 

In the picture at upper left, Calvin Mc- 
Millan, snapshot editor, and Miss Bradford, 
sponsor, watch as Duane Graham, art editor, 
explains a layout. 

At left center, Patricia Thomas, Student 
Council representative, Douglas Nixon, sports 
editor, Leann Chapman, typist, Merle Heitman, 
feature editor, and George Schoneberg, snap- 
shot editor, make plans as Barbara Sargent, art 
editor, looks on. 

At lower left, Arthur Boileau, photography 
editor, points out a picture to Bill Lee and Don 
Love, sports editors, Pat Breckenridge, snapshot 
editor, and Suzanne Hartnett, typist. 

In the circle, Letha Rey, snapshot editor, 
Peggy Johnson, editor-in-chief, Bill Hollis, busi- 
ness manager, and David Matheny, sports 
editor, discuss plans for the annual.